Jared Chavez

Jared Chavez learned metalsmithing from his father, world class jeweler Richard Chavez. Together, they run Chavez Studio. His art has also been influenced by his mother who is a potter; in fact, Jared began his artistic career by experimenting with clay.

Jared’s bracelets, belts, rings, and earrings most typically feature his angular, graphic style, which has been inspired by such diverse influences as Hiroshige and Picasso. It is not unusual for the images on his pieces to reflect Jared’s own self awareness of the passages in his life or his approach to art.

Besides jewelry, printmaking is an interest of Jared’s. He has worked in woodblock, etching, and embossing techniques. Jared graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and the Revere Acadamy for Jewelers in San Francisco.

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