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Weaving of any material is a complex and time consuming process. For more information on Navajo rug/blanket weaving see traditional navajo rug weaving technique provided on our site. We also have additional information on basketry and quill boxes for those interested.

Two Grey Hills Pattern in pleasing colors
by Helen Johnson 46" x 72"

Uniformly woven vegetable dye Burntwater rug by Ruth Nelwood 35 x 48

Two Grey Hills weaving from the 30's with home spun wool in excellent condition - 63 x 97

Large evenly packed home spun grey and commercial red wool storm pattern rug by Pauline Alston - SOLD

Large, beautifully woven Ganado
by Beth Jane Tapaha - 42 x 71

Finely woven storm pattern rug by
Louise McCabe - 34 x 54

Chief Revival weaving
by Alice VanWinkle17x17

Revival Childs Wearing Blanket
25" x 35" by Janice VanWinkle, Navajo

Two Grey Hills weaving
by Shirley Brown 39" x 61"

Two Grey Hills by Corrine Garfield
36" x 27" - sold

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Two Grey Hills Navajo weaving by Corrine Garfield All natural wool color except the black. 30" x 46" sold

Two Grey Hills Navajo weaving
by Pamela Johnson 55" x 32"

Two Grey Hills 35" x 50" All handspun wool by Minnie Foster

Two Grey Hills by Lydia Toney
25" x 17"

Tapestry Two Grey Hills weaving
by Tina John - 19" x 28"

Teec Nos Pos 24 1/2" x 27"
by Irene Holly, Navajo

Tree of Life weaving with vegetable dye by Nadine Nez

Blue Canyon pattern raised outline weaving by Marilyn Scott - 30 x 49 SOLD

Tree of Life SOLD

Chiefs Revival pattern
by Priscella Warren SOLD

Fine Ganado by Ruby Hubbard 26 x 37

Two Grey Hills pattern weaving by Jean Hunt - 32 x 49

Navajo Story of Fire basket by Sally Black - 30 coils - 19"

Basket with a double curve turtle by Sally Black - 26 coils - 15"

Hopi wicker plaque with a turtle design 14"

Turtle design in Sumac by Navajo weaver Elsie Holiday -10"

Turtle & Cloud Design coiled basket by Rose Esplain - 13"

Hopi Coil Basket - Arizona Yucca by Julia Polelonema Namingha

Approximately 68 1/2 inch coils, utilizing nearly 20 wrapped stitches per inch, comprise this exceptionally large tapered coil basket, measuring 26" tall by 20" wide. Five years in the making, and the recipient of multiple awards including Best in Category, and First Prize at the 1996 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, and Best of classification, and First Place at the Southwestern Association for Indian arts (SWAIA) 1997 Santa Fe Indian Market.

The top of this basket is green and represents the San Francisco Peaks of Northern Arizona, the home of the Kachinas. The opening represents the entrance to the Kachina's Kiva on the mountain top. There are several rain and cloud symbols located above the four Kachina figures woven into the basket design. Represented are Hemis, Male & Female, Shalako, and a Kachina Mana. Just below the clouds and rain is the "Sun's forehead,"Julia's clan symbol. Below the clan symbol is a kiva design with clouds, or smoke, used by the Kachina men to communicate with the spirits.

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Split ash and sweet grass basket by Rita Arbour, Mohawk
7 1/2" x 3" high - $135

Birch bark & porcupine quill box by Sharon John

5 1/4" x 3" tufted quill Hummingbird design. SOLD

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Unique oval quill box with a sturgeon design
by Yvonne Keshick
3 1/2 " by 7" - $750


Porcupine Quill Boxes
The making of birch bark boxes decorated with porcupine quills has beenYvonne Keshick-Walker's life work. Because she was born in October, her tribal name is "Falling Leaf". Yvonne Walker Keshick is a contemporary master of this centuries old North American Indian craft.

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