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Indian pottery making has been an important activity for at least two thousand years. It is a vital industry in a number of pueblos, each of which produces highly differentiated ware. Traditionally, pottery was made essentially for household purposes. It no longer is a craft produced for utilitarian household functions, but one which is an aesthetic work of art. We are proud to carry work by many talented artisans of this craft. Many of the links below lead to artist information and our available selection of work by the respective artist.

Jody Naranjo is one of the most talented and innovative Santa Clara potters.

Link to pottery by Pahponee

Pahponee creates contemporary pottery with designs drawn from her heritage.

Link to pottery by Preston Duwyenie

Preston Duwyenie is an accomplished Hopi potter known for his shifting sands design.

Butterflies, flowers and stars are carved into this jar by Harrison 6 1/2" x 5" - $1200

Harrison Begay carved a sunface and stars on this jar - 5x5 - $550

Exceptionally high polish and deep carving characterize this pot by Harrison Begay - $4200

Harrison Begay pottery

A mixture of fine polished and matte finished areas with carved star designs and fluted edge adorn this 5x4 jar by Harrison - $900

Martha Apple Leaf Fender vase

Green on Brown vase by Martha Appleleaf Fender (daughter of Carmelita Dunlap) 6" x 4" - $600

Eric Fender Vase

Green on Brown Jar with feather designs by Eric (Than Tsideh) Fender - 8" x 7" - $1200

Turkey pot by Lucy Lewis has a small hairline fracture near the signature - 4" diameter - $1200


Hopi Polychrome Jar by Rainy Naja. - 6 3/4" x 5"

Mike & Jackie Torivio of Acoma created this beautiful, very detailed seed pot. 5 1/2" x 5 " - $2400

Mike Jackie Torivio pottery

Mike & Jackie Torivio's fine line Rainbird design seed pot measures 4 1/2 diameter - $2000

Lonnie Vigil Pottery

Micaceous Bowl by Lonnie Vigil
6 1/2" x 8 1/4" - $3000

Paul and Anna Naranjo pottery

Paul & Anna Naranjo carved this Santa Clara scraffito seed pot with a male & female deer and ananyu in the background. 3" diameter - $450

Alice Cling Pottery

Micaceous vase by
Alice Cling - $780

Santo Domingo water jar and fish bowl by Robert Tenorio 8x10 jar - $1200, 4 x 9 bowl - $580

Cream on red polished bowl 2 3/4" x 4"Avanyu her favoitee design by Carol Gutierrez-Naranjo bowl $295

Carol Gutierrez-Naranjo feather jar 4" x 4" $280

Kathy Gutierrez - Black-on-black Avanyu jar 4" x 4 1/5" $350

beautiful swirl vase by Emma Yeppa - $650

Debra Trujillo-Duwyenie, from Santa Clara is known for her perfectly incised, highly polished seed pottery

Stella Teller and her daughters have earned recognition for the excellence of their pottery creations. The quality and uniqueness of their work can be seen in their figures of humans, bears, turtles, mudheads, and other animals.

Sandra Victorino of Acoma creates her potteryusing all traditional materials and methods. The finished pots are thenpainted with elaborate and distinctive designs. The painted pots are thenfired in kilns to achieve the final process.

Assorted pottery by Jaunita and daughters Glendora & BJ are currently available.

The Lewis family of Acoma specializes in fine-line, mimbres designed seed jars, ollas and storytellers. We have a selection of pottery available by Sharon Lewis, Diane Lewis and Carolyn (Lewis) Concho.

Steve and Yvonne Lucas consistently produce award winning pottery, Steve using Hopi designs and Yvonne her native Laguna designs., We currently have two pieces by Yvonne.

LeeAnn Cheromiah was inspired to become a potter while watching her mother, Evelyn Cheromiah create traditional Laguna pottery.Her mother is credited with reviving the traditional Luguna style of pottery.

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