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Tony Abeyta (navajo) Using a dynamic combination of primitive power, traditional sensibility, and modern attitude, Tony Abeyta’s paintings are rich with his signature blend of oil paint and sand. Visit our page of paintings available by Tony and see the creative talent of this young artist for yourself.

Joe Ben, JR. combines his reservation training with international teaching experience to create exceptional sand paintings. Joe grinds natural stones to obtain his desired palate of colors. Follow the link for more images available by Joe.

Whether using watercolors, acrylics or pen-and-ink, Clifford Brycelea evokes images of the land and spirit of Native America in his award winning paintings.

Paintings by Art Menchego

Art Menchego is an accomplished artist in pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, pastels, and watercolor.

Raymond Nordwall Art

Raymond Nordwall is recognized for his contemporary colorful depiction of the traditional Native American life. View the many images currently in the gallery by Raymond


Alice Yazzie is a master pastel artist who has been recognized with numerous awards for her artwork. The piece pictured above is an award winning example of her work. Follow the link to see more realistic pastel paintings by Alice.

Native Painting

Native painting dates back 8,000 or more years. Stone, bone, wood, clay, and skins were the first surfaces to receive hand drawn designs. By challenging conventions and constantly adapting, Indians have consistently revealed a manifest talent for expression in art.

"Traditional" Indian painting has been defined by aesthetic qualities common to the dominant style among Native American artists in the 1940's and 1950's. Most subjects conveyed a degree of ethnicity executed with techniques that emphasized the importance of line, color, and brush control. Background, perspective and shading were de-emphasised thereby directing the viewer to focus on crisp figures and their actions.

In Native art, we see life through the eyes of a hunter who portrays landscapes with a keen, trained sense of one whose very life depends upon observation. the new generation of Indian artists continues a virtual dialogue between life experience and artistic expression. Tribal Expressions is proud to offer a judicious selection of contemporary painting by renowned American Indian artists.
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