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Tribal Expressions Katsinas

Arvin Saufkie, Cacktus head 10" tall. $1,500

The wolf or Kweo katsina was carved by Vern Mahkee. 9 1/2" - $1500

The Kocha Hanau/White Bear Katsina is of such great strength it is felt he can cure the sick. Eli Taylor 10" tall - $2250

The Aya Kachina carries a whip in each hand to prod racers, Loren Honyouti. 9 3/4" tall - $1200

The Kaisale is one of the "beautiful clowns", with many colors that stripe his body by Lowell Talashoma, Sr - 12" tall $1700

Wilmer Kaye carved this graceful sculpture sculpture of a Sun, or Tawa Kachina, the Tawa is accompanied by a Heoto and Heoto Mana. 20" tall -$3800

Wilmer Kaye carved Crow Mother or Angwushahay'i Katsina with Ewtoto and mudhead katsinas 16 1/2" tall - $2400

Pangwu is a big horn sheep katsina that appears during Angk'wa, either with a herd or singly. This colorful katsina was carved by Joe Cordero 11" tall - $3900

On First Mesa Heheya is white and when he appears in the night dances he behavies in a lewd or lecherous manner. Marks on his arm represnet male genitals. by Manuel Chevarra - 16" $450

Hoeto - belly ache planet by Manuel Chevarra -12" - $375

Muhead kachinas appear in almost every Hopi ceremony Lowell Talashoma, Sr
11" tall - $1400

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