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Tribal Expressions has created individual pages with jewelry and information on the following artists: Victoria Adams, Richard Chavez, Ramon Dalangyawma, Watson Honanie, Allison Lee, Duane Maktima, Byron McCurtain,Veronica Poblano, Roy Talahaftewa and Roderick Tenorio, featured on this page you will also find exceptional jewelry by Patty Fawn, Boyd Tsosie, Kay Begay-Rogers, Kenneth Johnson, Carl Clark, Al Nez and other outstanding artists.

Victoria Adams creates one of a kind pieces that tell a story you will love to know and wear.

Richard Chavez designs unmistakable contemporary inlaid jewelry - Jared Chavez is winning awards for his creative metal work, see more work by this talented father & son.

Ramon Dalangyawma creates silver overlay jewelry with designs that reflect his Hopi culture.

Watson Honanie popularized the use of gold on silver overlay.

Allison Snowhawk Lee's sterling silver jewelry consistently wins awards at prestigious shows.

Duane Maktima's jewelry is sought after for it's sculptural quality and colorful stones.

Byron K. McCurtain, builds beautiful multi-stone, cushion inlay jewelry.

Veronica Poblano designs delicate jewelry especially for women.

Roy Talahaftewa is an accomplished Hopi jeweler noted for his technical ability in the marriage of gold, silver and stone.

Roderick Tenorio is an award winning Santo Domingo artist whose unique symbolic interpretation and high degree of detail are evident in all his work

Anthony Lovato Corn Bracelet

Tufa Cast Corn Bracelet
by Anthony Lovato - $530

Anthony Lovato Corn Ring

Tufa Cast Corn Ring
by Anthony Lovato - $225

Anthony Lovato Corn Earrings

Tufa cast earrings with corn design by Anthony Lovato - $225

J. Delgarito Turquoise cross

Sterling & Turquoise cross by J. Delgarito 3"x2" -$275

Anthony Lovato Horse Bracelet

Tufa Cast Horse bracelet with onyx
by Anthony Lovato - $620

Kay Begay-Rogers Pin

Silver and Turquoise Pin by Kay Begay-Rogers - $SOLD

Perry Shorty Pin

Butterfly Pin with turquoise body by Perry Shorty - SOLD

Carl Clark Jewelry

Micro inlay yei earrings, pendant and necklace by Carl and Irene Clark

Nakweese Necklace

Killer Whale Fossil Ivory Necklace by Nakweese - $475

Patty Fawn Pin

Frog Necklace by Nakweese - $185

Nakweese Necklace

Seal on ivory beads by Nakweese - $155

Patty Fawn Pendant

Raven Necklace by Nakweese - $SOLD

Donnie Supplee Belt Buckle

Wood, Turquoise & Ivory buckle by Donnie Supplee

Pin Pendant in Sterling and turquoise by Eugene Nelson

Patty Fawn Necklace and Earrings

Butterfly Necklace & earrings by Patty Fawn, Neck- $1295 - ear- $225

Ray Tracey Bear Pendant -

Darrel Jumbo Pin

"Rose" turtle pin by Darrel Jumbo - $SOLD

Darrel Jumbo Pin

"Lizzy" by Darrell Jumbo - $380

Darrel Jumbo Pin

"Want Some" Pin by Darrel Jumbo - $SOLD

Darrel Jumbo Pin

Darrel Jumbo - Goat - $285

Terrance Campbell Bracelet

Sterling silver raven bracelet with gold, red coral and turquoise accents by Terrance Campbell -

Kenneth Johnson rolled his own silver to use in this 1/4" thick deeply carved bracelet for a 6" wrist $1960

Kay Begay Rogers bracelets

Kay Begay-Rogers designs jewelry especially for women. Pictured is a 7 strand curved, a hammered cuff and an 8 strand bracelet.


A neighbor to gold on the periodic table of the elements (Ag), silver’s resistance to most acids and corrosion aligns it with gold as a noble metal. Only silver rivals gold’s ability to bend and stretch. A smith can draw one grain of silver (5/100ths of a troy ounce, 14.5 troy ounces to the pound) into 400 feet of wire, or beat it to a leaf 150 times thinner than this page. Silver is a symbol of enduring wealth, it won’t rust, and no metal conducts heat and electricity as efficiently. 95% of light striking a silver surface is reflected. Nothing else reflects light so well or as uniformly. The malleable nature of silver makes it very adaptable to artistic expression. Fine Silver is commercially pure 99.9% silver (triple nine).  One cubic inch weighs 5.25 troy ounces. Size to weight it is heavy. Fine silver is too soft for most jewelry uses, but it is often used as a bezel material in stone settings.  Sterling Silver is 92.5% Ag, and 7.5% copper Cu.

Look for ".925", "Sterling", artists name, and hallmark on authentic Native american jewelry.

Silver has an affinity with the moon and wearers of silver are influenced by gentle lunar energy. In ancient times people believed the cooling powers of silver could calm fears, soothe the brain, and attract the healing forces of the moon.

Silver is no longer just an inflation hedge, or a refuge from a weakening dollar, but rather the choice investment for a widening group of investors seeking better returns than are available in other asset classes. Silver jewelry appears to be gaining slightly in sales, perhaps because its lower price compared to gold makes the purchase of larger pieces more attractive. World silver prices rose sharply in the first quarter of 2006, up 39.5 percent over the same period last year to average $9.78 an ounce for the first quarter. As of May 12, 2006 Spot silver <XAG=> last cost $11.93/$12.08 an ounce, down from $12.43/12.46 an ounce in late New York trade and Thursday's London fix at $14.31 a 25-year high.

The actual numbers are very rough, but about 650 million ounces of silver are mined each year, and about 200 million ounces come from scrap recycling, and about 100 million ounces used to come from investor selling, or government selling.  That's a total of about 950 million ounces. Of that, about 42% is consumed by industrial use, about 28% consumed by jewelry, 20% consumed by photography, 5% consumed in coins and medallions, and that's 95% of total available silver each year! 

The historic price ratio of silver to gold shows that about 10 ounces of silver will buy one ounce of gold, a 10:1 ratio.  Today, it's about a 50:1 ratio (with silver at $14.50/oz., and gold at $700/oz.) (As of May 9th, 2006).  As the silver to gold ratio returns to historic values, you may make over 5 times more money investing in silver, instead of gold!


Turquoise has been favored by native culture throughout the ages as a symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection, and thought to preserve friendship and make friends of enemies. Indians believed that turquoise on a horse made it sure footed. For many green turquoise is used for general healing and stress. The color helps overcome envy and possessiveness. Green will give you self-assurance, a sense of rejuvenation, and encourages ambition. Blue turquoise is said to inspire the qualities of creativity and responsibility. the color gives one the strength to take control of people and situations. And blue id the color of idealism.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December, is one stone that has maintained its popularity from earliest antiquity to the modern era. From the French pierre turquoise, meaning "Turkish Stone," many cultures believe turquoise will bring good things to those who wear it.

Turquoise is almost always found as an opaque micro crystalline mineral. Blue is attributed to copper content, green caused by traces of iron. Due to its porosity, turquoise is known to change color with wear and exposure. It will lighten in color when washed with soap or an astringent like alcohol. It will darken or turn green in hue with the absorption of oils.

The color of turquoise re sults in close association with water, the sky or rain. To the Zuni culture, blue is the color of heaven and the color of the west. Vital to the Apache, turquoise is considered the most important stone a medicine man can possess. Turquoise is useful in bringing rain and worn as protection against all diseases. Color changes of the stone have been attributed to emotional influences and the stones ability to absorb misfortune.

A dictionary definition describes an opaque, blue to green mineral used as a gem. It is a hydrous (water containing) phosphate of aluminum, containing copper and iron and a somewhat porous stone. the best gem quality turquoise is hard solid, homogenous, and appeals to preferences for flawless sky blue to exotic matrix varieties. Turquoise that would otherwise be unsuitable can be processed to change the color and/or hardness of the natural mineral.

American Indian jewelry standards require use of natural turquoise. At Tribal Expressions, we believe many of our turquoise pieces are prescription strength. Cut and set by skillful and knowledgeable hands, turquoise settings by Native artists reflect reverence for the stone that is culturally rooted. Whether you judge by color, by matrix, or by setting size and fit, you owe it to yourself to sense the visual and tactical properties of the high quality turquoise found at Tribal Expressions.

Turquoise and Faustite belong to the solid solution series of the turquoise group, for which the general chemical formula is given as (Cu, Zn) Al6 (PO4)4(OH)84H2O. The different shades of color appear to originate from variable proportions of copper and zinc in the stone. The yellowish apple green, (faustite) contains more Zinc than copper, whereas the bluish, (Turquoise) contains more Copper than Zinc, in its composition.

Reference Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

In the Feng shui tradition, turquoise has a soft energy that brings a sense of peace and calm to relationships; it promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word; it enlivens the imagination; and represents warm, tender young love. It is best for bringing more passion and activity into your relationships.

Reference Feng Shui Cures, simple solutions and secret tips for a healthy, happy & successful life.

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