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Statement of Purpose and Intent
At Tribal Expressions, our goal is to increase the market and appreciation for authentic, contemporary Native American Art. Through gallery exhibitions and ongoing documentation we endeavor to increase the exposure of artists in this field.

At Tribal Expressions we plan to accomplish our mission by consistently providing customers with quality Native artwork at fair prices. We actively support a mutually responsible and beneficial relationship with the artists and crafts people whose work we interpret and sell. We intend to offer art with original impact; which shows attention to detail, technical proficiency, inspired design, and sensitivity to materials used. We stand behind the commitment of our selections with reliable information, pleasant merchandising, and impeccable delivery.

About our Logo
Tribal Expressions use of the bison stems from an objective to produce a design that is truly American. The pipe is included in our logo as a symbol of peace. Its significance as a mechanism to seal agreements lends itself to our use as merchants of Indian art. When taken as a whole, the kiva step background, bison and piece pipe combine as our sign of welcome.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Trademark Registration No. 1,936,686 on November 21, 1995 for the exclusive use of the Tribal Expressions name and logo. Any person wishing to use our trade name or logo must first request permission. All historic, traditional, and contemporary art sold by Tribal Expressions is accompanied with our assurance of authenticity, quality, and value.

About our slogan "Alive with the Art and Spirit of Native America"
Since opening, Tribal Expressions has constantly moved its growth horizon to meet heightened expectations and customer wishes. The quality of work we show and display is influenced through exposure to public and private collections and by way of association with a growing family of artists. Whether we are buying something small and inexpensive, or a major piece, we always look for craftsmanship, quality, and elements of inherent value.

Special shows, demonstrations, and opportunities to meet individual artists has proven to be an important element of our storefront success. We believe cyber success will hinge on our ability to present exceptional selection coupled with artist biographies and research material about the art. We invite comments, suggestions, and ideas that will enhance what we present here. We solicit viewer input for information that would be of interest to visitors of this site who share a common interest in North American Aboriginal art. A quick tour of our cyber gallery should quickly reveal the reasoning behind our motto "Alive with the Art & Spirit of Native America."

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